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This is a fully functional prototype of a reserve cryptocurrency that can contain errors. Use it at your own risk. Let developers know if you find the application working incorrectly or want to suggest any changes to its operation.



TDC created on the basis of Bitcoin that fixes its key flaws

Self-sufficient cryptocurrency with unlimited lifespan. It`s first digital coine, which the issuer's income, distributing it among all users, makes decentralized, transforming this center into a decentralized entity without any external pressure and coercion, relying only by the principles of mutual gain and true decentralization. It is pointless to control and prohibit such currency, but this cryptocurrency, or the like, itself can significantly limit the influence of authoritarian and dictatorial countries, on their policies and interests.

TDC is a real True Decentralized Cryptocurrency for which the paramount importance for growth and development is not the accumulation and balance sheets of single users or companies, not the value of hashrate miners and pools, not permanent invention and adding a variety of features, additions or improvements, etc.
Only the fact of exchanging one value, thing or service for another. Only transactions and their number. Nothing more is required. This is the fundamental basis of any economy.

How it works


TDC uses innovative PoW ideas of the mechanism in which proof of the work done is determined by part of the transaction itself - its fee, for which the initiators of transactions are rewarded. The higher the transaction fee, the larger the likely reward.

Transaction fees of free and independent users and the redistribution of these fees according to the same principles for each cause an unlimited time of existence of truly decentralized cryptocurrencies. Without banking supervision, without state violence.

Whatever the size of an individual fee, in an equal payment system they return the equivalent profits, while strengthening the reliability and stability of the entire system as a whole. The larger the fee, the stronger the decentralized economy.

The TDC transaction fees determines the dependence of the value of something on a decentralized evaluation of a small part of that value.
Only a fee, determined by each for himself, can be a universal standard of valuation for everyone.
Such a universal standard can exist only in a free and independent environment.



In the TDC blockchain, a fee is levied for more than one year for the storage of transactional information in favor of more active users of the payment system. To do this, a circular method of storing information is used, in which unclaimed information during the year, and subsequent years, from each old block of blockchain is transferred to a new block. This is another factor in the stable existence of cryptocurrency for many years.

The ring blockchain structure of TDC offers the following advantages:

Two directions for TDC mining

майнинг блока транзакций

Total mining block of all transactions

For the mining of transaction blocks is available the full range of existing opportunities and complete freedom of civilized choice from individual to joint mining on any possible pools, paying for the use and maintenance of necessary computing resources and related infrastructure.

майнинг своей транзакции

Personal mining of own transactions

Mining one’s own transactions are is very simple, it is enough from your wallet to pay for any product or service with any optimal fee for yourself. Thus, in addition to the profit from receiving a product or service, the probability of a multiple return of the value of the fee spent is added.

The total remuneration is distributed approximately equally between block miners and transaction miners, providing a mutually beneficial synergistic effect between the desire for absolute centralization in the form of consensus rules of a single blockchain and absolute decentralization in the form of interests of equal users. Where what is good for block miners is also good for transaction miners, and what is bad for transaction miners is also bad for block miners.



Return to the initial development of cryptocurrencies as really decentralized payment systems that are independent of the interests of individual states and authoritarian-corporate centers. Upgrade of one or more of the existing cryptocurrencies as confirmation of the further development of the actual decentralization as an equal structure for every person, or become an independent and dominant cryptocurrency in the free market, if this market is really free and independent. TDC has the potential to become one of the leading digital currencies in a free market.

Secondary objective


Division of the Russian Federation into independent States. Impact and destruction of dictatorial and authoritarian regimes.


In decentralized cryptocurrency, each user is in one way or another part of the team, as by any active actions, in addition to his benefit and interests, have a direct impact on the development of mutually beneficial relations between the decentralized system consisting of a multitude of such as he of users and himself as a full-fledged part of it, where cryptocurrency (money) is the equivalent of labor. Only from mutually beneficial work increases the assessment and real well-being of everyone.

In the digital world, the work and professionalism of programmers is decisive. Programmers’ skills and efforts define the new digital world. If you are a developer, then you can fully realize your skills by participating in the TDC project.

If you are not a coder but would like to help the project, feel free to involve any professionals you know. Decentralization is out of competition and is unrivaled, it does not waste resources on the struggle for power of any center. Unlike the costs of fighting one’s competitors, any expenses invested in decentralization return as a large profit for both individuals and companies.

Real cryptocurrency is not a separate commodity from the set, it is a system of values.

Who and how will evaluate someone else's work as their own, such is the price will be TDC.


Important reminder: TDC is a cryptocurrency designed for active use in transactions. If you leave your coins to lie inactive in your wallet for more than a year, you will lose 1% of your coin balance; in each consecutive year, your balance will be reduced by 10%.




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